Made to order

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Lead Time

This style is made to order in standard sizes at our in-house NYC atelier. Standard lead time is 4 months.

In a rush? Reach out! or 212-564-8014


We love to tweak our styles for our brides and know this can truly make all the difference. Don't be shy if you have a request!

Common changes are swapping bodice shapes to a different style, color changes, strap additions, lengthening or shortening trains, and adding buttons down the back.

Fees vary based on the request and the style.


This style is made to order in standard sizing from 0-32.

We also offer split sizing (for example, 16 bust, 14 waist, 18 hip) and length customizations for short/long torsos. We can also change the size of the bust cup and make custom lengths.

Alterations should still be expected, but these tweaks can give you the best start for less common proportions.


We're fabric snobs and proud of it! We work with the cream of the crop of European mills in Italy, France, and Spain. These multi-generational family owned businesses help us create innovate textiles that you'll find only in Carol Hannah dresses.

How it's Made

All our gowns are made in our own in-house NYC atelier.